Visit The Axiom Lighting studio in Tasmania

Want to visit our studio to see and touch your veneer before the timber light is made?

I love to meet my clients face to face where possible. So if you’re visiting Northern Tasmania drop me an email or call to make an appointment time to visit our studio.

If you can’t visit in person please feel free to make contact to discuss all your timber lighting needs. Also have a look at the video below to get a bit of an insight into my studio, what I do and why I do what I do.


Ian Hewitt

Ian Hewitt - Axiom Lighting Craftsman visit our studio

Axiom Lighting is a design and making studio owned and run by me, Ian Hewitt. My workshop is situated in a bush setting overlooking the Tamar River Estuary in Northern Tasmania and is the source of much inspiration.

Each wall lighttable lamp and floor lamps is handmade by me, from selecting the veneers to the finished product.

Drawing on 30 years of fine woodworking experience and a commitment to the natural environment, the designs are produced to maximise the appreciation and sustainability of Tasmania’s special timbers.

Other components used in the products are locally produced where possible.

Below is a short video of the studio, making small pots and of course the renowned Axiom Timber Veneer lights – all by hand of course!

Credit: Design Tasmania